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legislature passed a law allowing the california department of corrections to raise billions of dollars using something called lease revenue bonds. the proceeds of which go to capital improvement projects for prisons and do not require voter approval. last year, the prison system sold $900 million worth, a practice that those who oppose prison expansion call a back- door way to get more money, hassle free. >> and that's what the corrections system enjoys. they have a very simple funding system. they have good lobbyists and that's why we have more prisons, and schools in decline. >> reporter: people with the nonpartisan california department of finance say selling these bonds to build new facilities is standard operating procedure. >> it's commonly used financing mechanism for state facilities, also things like state offices, toll bridges. >> reporter: public school education by law is guaranteed 48% of the state's general fund, whereas corrections gets about 7%. on average, the state and federal government allocate almost 9,000 per pupil in california, less than half of what the state of new
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1